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Salt, COVID-19 and Mortality in Black America

“We are able to uncover complex control circuits that lead from salt intake to immune deficiency” …with these words Prof. Christian Kurts from the University of Bonn on March 25, 2020 joined a long list of scientists who have raised the alarm yet again to the dangers of dietary salt. This warning is especially timely […]

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Low Sodium low Blood sugar; reverse causation

Don’t salt your own food because you hear someone has low sodium. That could be a catastrophic mistake. You wouldn’t start eating plain sugar because you hear someone suffered hypoglycemia, would you? Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) usually occurs in someone who is already diabetic. You should treat that with sugar immediately, otherwise it could be […]

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Summary of petition to Restaurant Association of Ohio

Petition to Restaurant Association of Ohio                                                         June 11, 2019 Provide salt content information on the menu. Proactive participation in prevention and management of heart disease. Create and provide more healthy options in the restaurants. Provide salt shaker only upon request. Prepare sauces and gravies without salt. Patrons may later choose to add salt. […]

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Springfield Action to Prevent High Blood pressure

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Mahatma Gandhi, Nuts and Me

More than a decade ago the snacks at our home, my office and my locker were all replaced with a variety of nuts and dates. People around me, including friends and relatives, still chuckle at my preference for nuts and poke fun at me whenever they get a chance, calling me “nuts”. This change was […]

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