“I’m passionate about improving people’s health and well-being,” says cardiac surgeon Dr. Surender R. Neravetla—Director of Cardiac Surgery at Ohio's Springfield Regional Medical Center who has been recognized as one of America's top surgeons. “But right under my eyes, my own family and patients were not following my advice when it came to preventing disease though healthy food or a healthy lifestyle. ‘Why should I listen to you?’ they asked.”

To answer that question, Dr. Neravetla started to gather research on the conditions that were so negatively impacting their health and quality of life. Because of what he found, coupled with his ability to explain medical issues in easy-to-understand language, the people around him started to listen. And from patients and hospital volunteers and to colleagues and family members, they’re now decreasing their medication and increasing their health. A number are even losing weight without even trying.

Dr. Neravetla is already making headlines with Salt Kills and Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer, the first two books in his Health Now Books series. Both books make the case that salt is public health enemy #1.

Pick up a salt shaker—especially if you’re a Black American—and you’re courting diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, stroke, stomach cancer and dementia.

The good news is how easily you can lose the deadly salt habit.

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