Summary of petition to Restaurant Association of Ohio

Petition to Restaurant Association of Ohio                                                         June 11, 2019 Provide salt content information on the menu. Proactive participation in prevention and management of heart disease. Create and provide more healthy options in the restaurants. Provide salt shaker only upon request. Prepare sauces and gravies without salt. Patrons may later choose to add salt. […]

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Springfield Action to Prevent High Blood pressure

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Mahatma Gandhi, Nuts and Me

More than a decade ago the snacks at our home, my office and my locker were all replaced with a variety of nuts and dates. People around me, including friends and relatives, still chuckle at my preference for nuts and poke fun at me whenever they get a chance, calling me “nuts”. This change was […]

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Guest Post: Dr. Thakore – “Pulling the Plug” does not mean “killing” someone

  I am pleased to introduce Dr. Gnan Thakore as a guest writer. Dr. Thakore has been working in intensive care for twenty-five years. He currently serves as the director of the ICU at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Thakore studied at Brown University and now passes his knowledge on to the next generation as an […]

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Research links use of salt to adult onset diabetes

The following was published in Springfield News-Sun on June 30, 2017: Shockingly bad news is buried in the recent article in the New York Times on salt which most people who contacted me interpreted to mean that they don’t have to watch salt in their diet.  Closer review of the article reveals a link between […]

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