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Salt Kills  


Want to live a long, healthy life? 

Then stay far away from salt. It’ll kill you. 

In Salt Kills, cardiac surgeon Surender R. Neravetla reveals that basic table salt—along with all that hidden sodium in processed foods—is endangering your health and putting you at risk for a host of diseases. 

We have all grown accustomed to salting our food without realizing how dangerous that seemingly simple act can be. It’s time for a reality check. Salt is permanently disabling or prematurely killing millions and millions of people every year. 

These shocking statistics prompted Dr. Neravetla, recognized as one of America’s top surgeons, to write his book Salt Kills (Health Now Books LLC, 2012). In Salt Kills, Dr. Neravetla explains in easy-to-understand language how disabling—and even lethal—salt is for so many of us. 

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“Extremely well researched, unquestionably persuasive, and a great contribution to the health and wellbeing of the nation.”  

– Michael Connelly, President &CEO, Catholic Health Partners  


“The success of the Salt Kills campaign is success for life!”  

– Gabriel P. Haas, M.D., F.A.C.S., Medical Director, Oncology, Astellas Global Medical Affairs 

Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer  

Want to live a long, healthy life? 

Then put down the salt shaker. 

In Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer, cardiac surgeon Surender R. Neravetla reveals that basic table salt—along with all that hidden sodium in processed foods—is decimating the Black American population. 

This culinary go-to staple kills more Black Americans than all other diseases combined.  

That’s right. Salt. 

Black Americans suffer salt-related health consequences two to six times more often than white Americans.  

These salt-related diseases hit at far younger ages. 

Black Americans’ salt-related health challenges are usually two to six times more acute. 


Author Dr. Neravetla, Director of Cardiac Surgery at Springfield Regional Medical Center learned about the toll that salt was taking on the Black American community while writing his book Salt Kills (Health Now Books LLC, 2012). He immediately realized he had to write Salt: Black America’s Silent Killerthe first and only book about just how dangerous eating salt is for the Black American community. 

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“Dr. Neravetla has the mind of a scientist, the medical mind of a master surgeon and the heart of a warrior. The war he’s chosen to fight, for all our sakes, is the war against unconscious self-destruction through the seemingly innocuous act of eating salt. And his weapon of choice is this scientifically robust, yet passionate rallying cry to all people of African descent (myself and my family included) to reverse our collective fates by watching what we put in our mouths.” 

-Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Esq., founder, RETHINK Multimedia