We all want to be healthy. We eat a low-fat or low-calorie diet to balance our weight, go to yoga or the gym to maintain strength and flexibility, and make sure to get our daily dose of fruits and greens. While that’s all great, we often fail to take specific care of one of our body’s most essential parts: the heart.

Healthy Happy People

So what can you do to maintain a healthy ticker? Get educated!

Promoting Heart Health

At Health Now Books, we are passionate about heart health. That's why our website, blog and line of books are wholly dedicated to keeping your body’s most vital organ in tip-top shape.

Here to guide you is one of America’s pioneering heart surgeons and an authority on all things cardiovascular, Health Now Books’ founder Dr. Surender Neravetla. Since 1983, he has performed nearly 10,000 cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgeries, and he is particularly known for his expertise in beating-heart surgery and valve repairs. He's also doing everything he can to put himself out of business by encouraging heart-healthy practices.

“We humans don’t change our habits simply because someone tells us to. The key lies in helping us understand exactly WHY we need a shift," says Dr. Neravetla. "Unfortunately, a lot of information out there is confusing or contradictory. So I strive to explain the science in a simple way that you will hear, you will understand, you will see how you fit in to this picture, and you will do what you can do to help yourself.”

Health Now Books

The inaugural two books in the Health Now Books series focus on one of the easiest and most profound things you can do for your heart: lowering your salt intake.

Read a sample chapter of our newest book, Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer, explore our blog archives or watch:

  • Mosley Wotta’s Spoken-Word Piece About Salt & Black Americans



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