My Arteries Are Rusting on the Inside like My Car Is Rusting on the Outside

You wouldn’t think that rust spots on your car and fat in your arteries would have anything in common, especially since you can see rust spots all too readily and you can’t see the fat build up in your arteries at all. Allow me to explain their shared traits by telling you a story. My […]

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Fat in the Artery: You Will Believe It Only After You See It

“Get out of here! Is that’s what came out of the artery?” shrieks the patient’s wife when I show her the fat that was blocking the blood flow to her husband’s legs.  I am used to this reaction when I show people the cholesterol I’ve removed during surgery. “I would never have believed it till […]

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From Dance Floor to Boxing Ring

I remember boxer Tommy Morrison, who recently died at just 44 years of age. In 1993 he beat then heavy weight boxing champion George Foreman.  The news of his premature death made me think of a way to explain how and why fat deposits in the arteries.  In previous posts, including “Heart Disease Is Coming […]

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Cardiovascular Disease—Is It All About Fat?

Jane did not want accept that the fat build up in the artery carrying blood to her brain had gotten worse and that she was at risk for a stroke. “What do you mean my artery is getting clogged up?” she cried. “I have been popping cholesterol-lowering pills for many years and my doctor has […]

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Salt, Sugar and La Pieta

As you take a close look at this magnificent sculpture created by Michelangelo, I want to tell you about the day my daughter was born in order to explain the connection between salt, sugar and La Pieta. Life changed in big way for me with our firstborn. I remember the event as if it happened just […]

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