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Salt Substitute

by | May 15, 2013

I recommend the following article from the Times of Malta titled “Health Risks with Too Many Pinches of Salt.” The article focused on a recently released study published in the Malta Medical Journal which revealed that:

  • Most chefs, whether working in restaurant kitchens or as caterers, add salt to their dishes.
  • Most diners add even more salt to their food once it’s been served. So they’re getting a double dose of what can only be classified as a hazardous material for almost all of us.

As disturbing as I find these findings, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that 58 percent of those people surveyed indicated that they would consider cutting back on their salt consumption as long as the food still tasted good.

I especially like the quotes from Dr. Charmaine Gauci, one of the study’s two authors. “We crave salt because we’re accustomed to it,” Dr. Gauci stated. “If we slowly reduce it from our diets, we won’t even notice it’s missing.”

She went on to add that herbs and spices and take the place of salt in terms of flavor enhancement. “For instance, if you’re cooking chicken, you may use chicken herbs, lemon juice or mustard to flavour the dish without actually adding salt.”

Read on:

Try it out for yourself. Then please share you’re findings with the rest of us on this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.


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