Cut Out Diet Drinks and Diet Snacks and Lose Weight

Will you lose weight by switching to diet soda or will you lose weight by losing the diet soda? Watch this video for a surprising answer. Since we started this journey to educate people about the dangers of adding salt to the food, the most common feedback I have gotten is people telling that that […]

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Socioeconomic Issues vs. Salt Sensitivity

Some well-meaning colleagues and friends, especially those of African/Black American descent, have argued that Black America’s dismal state of health is entirely and solely due to poverty, crime, lack of medical facilities, and beliefs and attitudes. Indeed the socioeconomic state of Black America is strongly responsible for the poor health status. No argument there. But […]

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A Pinch of Salt Here and a Pinch Of Salt There Leads to a Six-Time Higher Risk of High Blood Pressure

“Have just a pinch of salt.” “Nothing is going to happen.” “A little salt won’t hurt anything.” How often have you encountered your friends or a close family member making excuses for adding salt to their own food and persuading you to do the same?  Even if you are already on medications for high blood […]

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Black America History Month, American Heart Month and Salt

Black Americans salt cover

February has been designated as American Heart Month. Many events are planned to remind us all that heart disease kills more people than any other regardless of ethnicity and gender. This month also happens to be observed as Black History Month. It’s a well established fact that the state of Black America’s health is worse […]

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Starbucks: Take the High Road to Lowering Salt Levels

I am shocked, to say the least. My favorite coffee place now is pushing mocha with added salt. I have found out that many Starbucks outlets offer this salted mocha and some advertise it as if there were not enough people already lined up to order it. Starbucks, I am sure you’ve have done your […]

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