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Fat in the Artery: You Will Believe It Only After You See It

by | Sep 18, 2013

“Get out of here! Is that’s what came out of the artery?” shrieks the patient’s wife when I show her the fat that was blocking the blood flow to her husband’s legs.  I am used to this reaction when I show people the cholesterol I’ve removed during surgery. “I would never have believed it till you showed it me” says another surprised relative.

As I shake the specimen bottle, the hard cholesterol from the artery rattles like stone pebbles. Some of the family members nearly pass out at the sound. Take a look for yourself and watch the short video clip below. I bet you anything you won’t have expected anything like it. 

Even many of the medical professionals involved in taking care of these types of medical problems cannot believe this video. I make it a habit to show videos like these to the nursing personnel in the recovery room and cardiac lab to get their attention, because many medical professionals follow little to no dietary precautions. Nurses and doctors walk around with soda pops, donuts and pizza. Cakes are ordered for any excuse. It bothers me to no end to see medical care personnel doing the same things that got their patients in trouble. Why would they think they are any different? And why do think they are invincible?  I cannot explain. So I do my part to get their attention and thankfully our efforts are showing results.

The video you’re about to see, which I share as often as I can, shows a patient who cannot walk because there is very little blood going to his legs. Unless we can find a way to get more blood to his legs, he will soon lose them. The snap shot in black and white shows a completely blocked aorta, which is supposed to carry the blood to the legs. The color picture shows the ugly fat build up that was blocking the blood flow. And video gives an idea about the character of this fat.








Fat build up in the aorta.








Surgically removed fat build up that was blocking blood flow in the aorta


The simple lesson from this video:

This fat build up took many years to get his stage. Whether you know it or not, if you are not following a proper diet this is happening inside of you. By the time you find out, it could be too late.




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