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It’s time to put an end to such preventable heart ache and loss.

by | May 27, 2014

In late April, I received the following email. You’ll find my answer below. Stories like these compel me to do everything I possibly can to get out the word about salt and heart health.

Dear Dr.  Neravetla,

My name is Lori and I spoke to you at the Springfield Library today (4/26/2014). I have read your book Salt Kills and I found it very informative.  I mentioned to you that my mother is presently going through some heart problems.  Until I read your book I had no idea how serious her condition was.

 My mother has two 90% blocked arteries, a leaky valve (that is the way the doctor explained it to us), A-fib and she is now saying “I hear my heart beating, but it sounds more like a swish”.  Her primary doctor
doesn’t know what this means.

This is the part that made me realize that I may not have much more time with her. The reason I say this is because she feels that her medicine has helped her for the last four years and she wants to continue in the same manner.  She was scheduled for open heart surgery and the doctor cancelled it the day before. Then she was going to get her heart shocked but the doctor cancelled that.  Then another doctor said a pace maker but that was postponed until she see yet another doctor for an evaluation. She is stubborn and frustrated at the same time. She wants a good quality of life.  The quantity she knows is limited.  She has four brothers that had open heart surgery and one sister that had a stroke that took her speech but nothing else. (I also read about that in your book).

 I want to thank you for writing this book. It helped me to understand what the problems are and how I can try to prevent this from happening to me. I know there are no guarantees when it comes to our diets and health but at least now I can work on being more self aware and becoming better proactive. As for my mom, I will spend more quality and quantity time with her so that I have no regrets.

Thank you so much.


My response:

Dear Lori:

I am so sorry to hear about your mother.

This was a particularly difficult email to read. I had to read in several sittings. As I read each line, I already knew what the next line was going to be and I hoped it was not. I only saw your email this morning. If I had read it last night, I would not have been able to go to sleep.

Far too many people I personally know have gone through a similar course including my own father. He died at the age of only 70 years, and I could do nothing. After my last phone call from my father I told my wife, the next time the phone rings from India, it will be bad news. I had no chance to even spend some time with him.

I got into writing upon the suggestion of my son, as he noticed that nobody was paying attention to my advice. This has since become my personal crusade. The very first book has changed everything. People in fact are now paying attention to my writings and presentations. I only wish I had started much earlier.

Thank you very much for sharing your heart-breaking story.
Take care of your own health and the ones you care about.
Remember, prevention is the key. There is no cure, all treatments are only control.

Best wishes.

May you, too, take care of yourself and your loved ones by following the heart health advice in this blog and in my books. It’s time to put an end to such preventable heart ache and loss.


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