Clearing Up the Salt Debate

- May• 06•14

All you Doubting Thomas-types out there, doubt no more. The infographic below summarizes all the health issues related salt. You could read it and weep, which is surely what will happen if you keep eating tons of salt. Or you can let the facts speak to you and make one simple change that will help you live long and live well. Cut down—or better yet cut out—the salt.

Click image to enlarge.


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One Comment

  1. Hi, Good Doctor,

    I am wondering how exercise might impact the body's assimilation and/or mitigation of the effects of salt.  I have long been a borderline diabetic and am quite confident that my addition to the aerobic activity of the game of tennis has helped to keep that condition in check.  Is there any data on exercise and the negative impact of salt in the diet?



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