Cut Out Diet Drinks and Diet Snacks and Lose Weight

- Feb• 25•14

Will you lose weight by switching to diet soda or will you lose weight by losing the diet soda? Watch this video for a surprising answer.

Since we started this journey to educate people about the dangers of adding salt to the food, the most common feedback I have gotten is people telling that that they’ve lost weight.  I wasn’t expecting this reaction.

Day in day out, somebody stops me in the hall ways to say:

“Guess what Dr. N.  I lost 10 pounds in two weeks. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight, but I did.”

 Many go on to add with great excitement:

 “I have tried so many diets before. None worked beyond a few days. But this time I lost weight just by cutting out salt.”

To really eliminate salt from your diet (especially if you’re dieting), you have to be something of a sleuth. Salt lurks in many diet sodas and low calorie snacks—often in greater quantities than the regular versions. Check it out for yourself. The low-calorie versions commonly contain added salt along many other chemicals you know nothing about.

Low-calorie drinks and snacks are all over the place.  People are under the impression that these low-calorie alternatives will help them lose weight. I see even medical professionals like doctors and nurses consuming these low-calorie drinks and snacks because they perceive them to be a healthier alternative.

Unfortunately it does not work that way. Virtually nobody loses weight with these low calorie options.

The culprit is salt.

For starters, you don’t lose weight because salt makes you retain water. Just as Christine said in her video, cutting out diet sodas allowed her to lose a number of pounds very quickly. Essentially, she simply shed all the excess water she was retaining. This is the first stage of weight loss. In the ensuing weeks and months, Christine’s new low-salt diet will prompt continued weight loss.

I will talk more about the second phase of weight loss next time. In the meantime, why not try giving up low-calorie sodas and snacks? You have nothing to lose but excess pounds.

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  1. Phyllis Blackaby says:

    Dr. N    My husband & I have stopped adding salt to our diet, but a couple of our friends insist there  are a couple salts [I believe one is a Kosher salt] that has componets in it that our bodies need. How do I answer them, other than saying salt is salt.

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