A Pinch of Salt Here and a Pinch Of Salt There Leads to a Six-Time Higher Risk of High Blood Pressure

- Feb• 12•14

“Have just a pinch of salt.”

“Nothing is going to happen.”

“A little salt won’t hurt anything.”

How often have you encountered your friends or a close family member making excuses for adding salt to their own food and persuading you to do the same? 

Even if you are already on medications for high blood pressure or diabetes, even if you are vigilantly watching your diet to make sure you don’t get all those salt-related incurable diseases, even if you don’t actually like the taste of salt, you will not be spared from being pressured to consume “just a little bit” of salt.

 But here come shocking findings from a new large study which appeared in November 2013 issue of the British Medical Journal which could help your cause. This study of more than 1.2 million Britons exposes the dangers of using over-the-counter pain pills and nutritional supplements containing small amounts of sodium.  Compared with the users of similar pills not containing sodium compositions, the people taking the salt versions were found to have a seven-time higher rate of high blood pressure.  This information is worth repeating. Merely taking pain pills made of salt put them at a seven fold—not seven percent—greater risk of getting high blood pressure. Not surprisingly, during the study period of only six years, the salt pill users suffered 28 percent higher rates of cardiovascular disease that those who took salt-free pills.

Why would anybody want to take such a chance?

Not many physicians even know which of the pills they routinely prescribe are sodium compositions. This could change as new labeling laws are sure to be introduced. These labels will help you protect yourself from the dangers of consuming additional salt via the medications you take. In the meantime, ask your physician to make sure that your medications are salt free.

More importantly, this study reminds us that a very little amount of additional salt can cause catastrophic health problems.

So the next time someone pressures you to add just a pinch of salt to your food, you can firmly stand your ground. Put your health first and firmly tell your best friend or favorite aunt, “no additional salt please”.

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