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Just Ten Consecutive Meals to a Low Salt Diet!

by | Jul 3, 2012

Could eliminating salt from your diet really be that simple? Can you really reach your goal of a low salt diet in just ten consecutive meals? You can.

Once you realize how dangerous this salt habit is, the next challenge is how to switch to a low salt diet. That’s made harder by the assumption that low salt food doesn’t taste good, which will make it difficult to get used to. But, a recent experience with weekend houseguests made me realize that it can take as little as ten consecutive meals to actually enjoy low-salt food more than the food you eat right now.

People from the part of India where my wife hails from put a lot of salt in their food. “Salt in America is not salty enough for you,” I joked when my wife’s family visited us years ago. “Even if I give you pure salt to taste, you will say it needs more salt.” (We will talk about the amount of oil and sautéed onions they use another time.)

Recently, close relatives of my wife came to visit us for a weekend. My wife has stopped using any salt in our cooking for quite some time, so she actually made two separate batches of food. Since we’ve gotten to the point where we cannot stand any salt in our food, she prepared ours as usual, and then added the usual amount of salt in the portion for our guests, politely explaining in the process her reason for keeping our meal salt free.

One of our guests unfortunately is severely disabled from just about every problem described in Salt Kills and on multiple medications. As a result, we wound up having a conversation about the dangers of eating salt and gave my wife’s family members a copy of the book.

While one of our guests continued to eat the regular (very high salt) preparations, a second guest decided try some of the low salt preparations set aside for us. Each time she would try more and more of the low salt versions and eat less and less of what had been set aside for our guests. By the third day and during just our tenth meal together, our guest was almost exclusively eating the low salt versions because they now tasted better to her. Then she happened to put on her plate the regular salt preparation my wife had made for the visitors. As soon as she took a bite, she basically spit it out. “Oh my god, too much salt in this one,” she exclaimed.

This came as a major, pleasant surprise to me and one that I felt was well worth sharing. Even though some people I talk to are skeptical about switching to a low salt diet, I have certainly had many people tell me that they no problem avoiding salt. This was my chance to see firsthand how quickly one can adapt to enjoying food without salt.

Most people dread the idea of not having salt in their food for three reasons:

1. They don’t know how bad salt is for their health.

2. They mistakenly believe that low salt food is tasteless.

3. They assume that it takes a long time to wean themselves off from the amount of salt they’re used to.

As this eye-opening experience shows,

once you understand the dangers of salt you can learn to enjoy low salt food and dislike the usual high salt foods you consume on a regular basis in as little as ten consecutive meals. I hope this true story will encourage you get on the track low salt diet for better health.


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