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Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading "Salt Kills".  I'd heard about it through the newspaper and saw several occasions where you were giving talks but never made it to one of those.

My son was in the hospital recently and just happened to see your book in the gift shop.  An easy read and to the point. Always knew they said to go easy on the salt which has never been a problem for me.  Now that has a far deeper meaning and context.  I will be buying several books throughout this year and giving them to family and friends.  It is a bit late for me as I have been on blood pressure meds for 3 or 4 years.  Certainly will be making some dietary changes though to help as much as possible.

The real answer will lay with our politicians.  The manufacturers will give some but not enough for the dramatic changes needed.  With our political situation I'm worried that the changes will not come for decades and that is very disheartending. Thanks so much for taking the time to write the book and getting the word out to all that will listen.

Cindy Ladig


Your recent posting on salt in breads was very good as it points out the overabundance of salt in them. It reminded me of the conversation I had a few years ago with an employee from the water softener company. I noticed a salty taste in the drinking water from our well after it went through the softening process. He tried to minimize the situation by explaining, "You're only getting about as much salt as you'd get in a slice of bread."

I still felt that was too much, so for years I have been buying water that goes through an osmosis filtering system to remove all the impurities and chemicals. I also tried unsuccessfully to find a salt-free cracker for the holidays. It seems there are none. I've also discovered over the past four months how amazing it is that many of my recipes turn out just fine without salt.

Mary Silvey


I bought your book and asked my wife give it to me for Christmas. I read the book on Christmas day and it really opened my eyes. It has made me very aware of salt and I feel guilty whenever I eat something that has added salt now, which I am trying to avoid. I am confident it is going to be impactful for me, and I can already feel a difference. Thanks for bringing light to this issue.

Dana Engle

Extremely well researched, unquestionably persuasive, & a great contribution to the health and well being of the nation.

Michael Connelly, President &CEO, Catholic Health Partners (CHP), Cincinnati, OH

Salt Kills library promo sign

The success of the Salt Kills campaign is success for life!

Gabriel P. Haas, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Medical Director, Oncology

Astellas Global Medical Affairs, Northbrook, IL

Dr. Neravetla,

Hello and happy new year to you and your family! I met you back in early November after you performed a five-way bypass on my husband's grandfather. After the surgery, you gave me a copy of your book, Salt Kills, to read and review. I want to thank you for your generosity, and your book is extremely informative. It's really opened my eyes to the long term damage salt has on our health, and I didn't know it affects more than just blood pressure and the heart.

I reviewed your book on several websites and will continue to get the word out throughout the rest of my life. There's so much people don't know about salt consumption – I know I learned a lot, and some of the facts were shocking to me. For example, that the number of deaths of all cancer combined is less than the number of cardiovascular deaths. It seems like so many people I know and love have had cancer or died from it, including my own mother and grandfather – they both had brain cancer – so to hear this is quite eye opening.

I'm sending the links to you where I've reviewed your book. Thanks again, and I appreciate everything you did for my husband's grandfather. I can only hope he'll take better care of himself.

My blog




Barnes & Noble (under the username donniedarkogirl

The links to my review also are spread through Facebook and Twitter.

Jennifer Ricketts

Hi Surender,

I have gone through your book and I am convinced about the dangers of salt. In fact, I have stopped adding salt to whatever I eat right away. I have always loved salt and salted nuts. I have osteoporosis, heartburn, H-pyloris, all of which could be due to excessive salt use. This a.m. I ate my egg without adding salt and I saw not much of a difference. Geetha has passed on this info to her sister. I will send the info about the book to my friends and relatives.

Books such as yours are sorely needed for the general public. The problem is that the mainstream publishers are totally blind, not to mention pompous. They go for sensationalism.

I see that your upcoming book will deal with important health issues.  Wish there was an agency, which would tap into the wisdom of various "in the trenches" specialists such as yourself. I have a brother in law practicing pulmonary medicine and he has some great insights into his profession. But he is not a visionary like you are. If there is an agency, which dedicates itself to tapping into such knowledge, much good could come out of it.

I believe that visionaries such as yourself from various medical specialties should band together and come up with a strategy to disseminate information to general public. In these days of the Internet it should be a relatively simple matter. Anyone who has some expertise in the Internet business could bring important information to the general public. Khan Academy is an example in the sphere of science. One could have similar thing in medical field. Maybe you can induce Shantanu to look into this.

Prabhakar Kamath

Kamath Stress Center

Cape Girardeau, MO

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