Many of the health problems in this country—and in much of the world—could be avoided if only people really understood how to protect themselves. So one of Americans top surgeons Dr. Surender R. Neravetla, Director of Cardiac Surgery at Springfield Regional Medical Center in Springfield, Ohio, resolved to explain the medical research that’s out there through a series of health-related books featuring simplified text and graphics.

Complex Medical Concepts Made Simple

The need for books that distill complex medicine into concepts that most of us can understand became apparent when he realized that people often didn’t follow sound medical advice because they either didn’t understand it or didn’t understand why it was necessary.

“I’m in the business of doing heart surgery,” he says. “But I began to see the same patients returning with the same health problems I had supposedly corrected. That’s when I realized that I had only bought them time.”

Life-Changing Health & Wellness

Surgery and medication can only do so much without patients’ participation in their own health. Despite a lot of published research, however, people still don’t know how to stay healthy and avoid diseases that rob people of everything they love about life—or even of life itself.

“That’s why I’ve started to write the Health Now Books series,” says Dr. Neravetla. “The life-changing health and wellness practices contained in each book will do more to prevent disease than any doctor or medication ever could.

“I’m not rewriting the science,” he emphasizes. “I just explain to people as simply as possible what they can do to help themselves based on existing data, existing science. People usually don’t change what they do just because they’re told to. The key is helping them to understand why they need shift. So the better I can explain the problem and the health implications, the better luck we’ll have of getting people to change their habits and live healthier lives.”

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