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Summary of petition to Restaurant Association of Ohio

by | Feb 26, 2020

                                                       Submitted on June 11, 2019

Endorsed by Miami Valley Association of Physicians of Indian origin (MVAPI)

  1. Provide salt content information on the menu.
  2. Proactive participation in prevention and management of heart disease.
  3. Create and provide more healthy options in the restaurants.
  4. Provide salt shaker only upon request.
  5. Prepare sauces and gravies without salt. Patrons may later choose to add salt.

Points to consider:

Eighty percent of heart disease is preventable… American Heart Association (AHA)

Hypertension is the number one cause of death and disability surpassing Tobacco…World Health Organization (WHO)

Fifty percent of strokes and heart attacks are caused by hypertension…WHO.

One billion people in the world have hypertension…WHO

Up to 100 million Americans have hypertension and fifty percent of them do not have it under control…Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Hypertension in Black America is more common, more difficult to control and associated with more complications at an earlier age…CDC

Heart failure is the most common reason for admission and readmission for Medicare participantsThe Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Table salt consumption is by far the most common preventable cause of hypertension…thousands of papers; Per Dr. Stamler considered father of preventive cardiology and coined the phrase “risk factors”

 Prof. Norm Campbell, University of  Calgary; holds the HSFC CIHR Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control (2011–2016) and is on the executive of the World Hypertension League as Past President. He seeks to improve hypertension control, on a national and global scale.  He is well known for his work on sodium reduction around the world.                                                   


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