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It’s time to put an end to such preventable heart ache and loss.


In late April, I received the following email. You’ll find my answer below. Stories like these compel me to do everything I possibly can to get out the word about salt and heart health. Dear Dr.  Neravetla, My name is Lori and I spoke to you at the Springfield Library today (4/26/2014). I have read your book Salt Kills and […]

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Addicted to the Cause of Osteoporosis?


Women live one third of their lives in a post-menopausal state. And nearly all post-menopausal women will get osteoporosis. That’s why 50 million women in America are at risk for osteoporosis. If you’re a Black American woman those stats are even worse. Between 80 and 95 percent of fractures in Black American women over 64 […]

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Clearing Up the Salt Debate


All you Doubting Thomas-types out there, doubt no more. The infographic below summarizes all the health issues related salt. You could read it and weep, which is surely what will happen if you keep eating tons of salt. Or you can let the facts speak to you and make one simple change that will help […]

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