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The Impact of Fat Build-Up In the Arteries

by | Aug 6, 2013

Fat is building up in your arteries even as we speak, and it’s building up faster in some of you than in others. Why should you even care?

Heart attacks, the most common human global health problem, is caused by fat that has built up in the arteries to the point that it blocks the blood flow to the heart muscle.  I am sure you know somebody close to you who has had a recent heart problem. Cardiac conditions are everywhere and all around you. You will get an idea of how big a problem this is for both men and women by looking at the staggering numbers below, based on the data from the Heart Foundation, which you can access directly at

  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States, claiming approximately 1 million lives annually.
  • Every 33 seconds someone in the United States dies from cardiovascular disease which is roughly the equivalent of a September 11th-like tragedy repeating itself every 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • More die of heart disease than of AIDS and all cancers combined.
  • An estimated 80 million Americans have one or more types of heart disease.
  • About 8.9 million Americans have chest pain (angina) caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscle which occurs when the coronary arteries become blocked with a build-up of plaque.
  • Currently about 7.9 million Americans are alive who have had a heart attack.
  • Women account for just over half of the total heart disease deaths in the United States each year, although many women continue to think of heart disease as a man’s disease.
  • Worldwide, 8.6 million women die from heart disease each year, accounting for a third of all deaths in women.
  • 42% of women who have heart attacks die within 1 year, compared to 24% of men.
  • Under age 50, women’s heart attacks are twice as likely as men’s to be fatal.
  • 8 million women in the US are currently living with heart disease; 35,000 are under age 65. Four million suffer from angina.
  • 435,000 American women have heart attacks annually; 83,000 are under age 65; 35,000 are under 55.
  • 267,000 women die each year from heart attacks – six times more than the number of women who die from breast cancer

These numbers, as scary as they are, do not even include the devastation caused by fat build up disrupting the blood flow to other organs in the body such as the brain and the kidney.

Why does fat build in the arteries in the first place?

We will answer this question Salt Kills style in upcoming blogs.

In the meantime consider the photograph of newborn Prince George in the arms of his proud mother. This baby, just like most other babies is full of fat. Fat in the cheeks, fat in the belly, fat in the buttocks fat, fat everywhere.  You get the point. But, I bet you there is absolutely no fat anywhere in his arteries.

Stay tuned.


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