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Salt, Sugar and La Pieta

As you take a close look at this magnificent sculpture created by Michelangelo, I want to tell you about the day my daughter was born in order to explain the connection between salt, sugar and La Pieta. Life changed in big way for me with our firstborn. I remember the event as if it happened just […]

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Heart Disease Is Coming To a Person Near You

Just in case my prior blog post did not wake you up, here is a quick recap. The Heart Foundation says there are 80 million Americans with some type of heart disease. That is just about everybody in America over the age of 50. (We know that since heart disease manifests in mostly people over […]

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The Impact of Fat Build-Up In the Arteries

Fat is building up in your arteries even as we speak, and it’s building up faster in some of you than in others. Why should you even care? Heart attacks, the most common human global health problem, is caused by fat that has built up in the arteries to the point that it blocks the […]

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