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While I was watching an old movie the other day, I came up with a good way to explain why we should not be adding salt to our food. This idea ties into explaining the term not physiologic, used by Dr. Dahl in reference to our habit of adding salt to our food.  Remember Dr. […]

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The Chicago Salt Experiment

People who give up salt find that within a few weeks they can not only do without it, but do not actually like it just as most people find after a time that tea is actually nicer without sugar. Many physicians have reported the same. —Lewis K Dahl; 1972 My wife and I no longer […]

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Baba’s Heart Surgery—Who’s Next?

Most of us have someone in our lives who holds a special place in our heart. Baba is one of those people. My feelings for him go beyond any words I can use. My family feels the same about him, as do his own relations. That’s a lot of people. Baba comes from a large […]

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