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High Blood Pressure—Facts Not Fiction

by | May 8, 2013

The following article titled “Top 15 Myths about Blood Pressure”, published in The Times of India, is worthy of your consideration. Kudos to Renita Tisha Pinto for such an excellent article.

 The points raised are very much in line with our writings in the book Salt Kills and in my frequent blogs. The fact is that even though blood pressure remains a devastating and often fatal problem for millions of individuals, too many of us make health decisions based on myths instead of fact. This article helps set the record straight.

“Top 15 Myths about Blood Pressure” will teach you that:

  • High blood pressure can destroy much more than just your heart.
  • Even when genetically predisposed, you can do something about high blood pressure.
  • Age is often irrelevant when it comes to high blood pressure.
  • Most people with high blood pressure experience no symptoms.
  • Controlling salt goes beyond reducing the salt you use when you cook or once you’re at the table.

You’ll also learn how best to take your blood pressure, how to decipher your systolic and diastolic readings, and the role that gender plays.

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