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Salt: Friendly Fire Aimed at You

Conflicts going on all over the world and stories of “collateral damage” along with unintended death and destruction from “friendly fire” are very common.  But would you believe that your salt habit may actually be prompting your body’s defense system to miss the target and injure your own body instead? Well a series of recent […]

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Media Spin of IOM Report Out of Control

My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since the recent media release about salt from the Institute of Medicine (IOM for short) came out. “Did you hear, the New York Times is reporting that you don’t have watch your salt anymore” says one my medical colleagues. Most of the callers have referenced the […]

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Salt Substitute

I recommend the following article from the Times of Malta titled “Health Risks with Too Many Pinches of Salt.” The article focused on a recently released study published in the Malta Medical Journal which revealed that: Most chefs, whether working in restaurant kitchens or as caterers, add salt to their dishes. Most diners add even […]

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High Blood Pressure—Facts Not Fiction

The following article titled “Top 15 Myths about Blood Pressure”, published in The Times of India, is worthy of your consideration. Kudos to Renita Tisha Pinto for such an excellent article.  The points raised are very much in line with our writings in the book Salt Kills and in my frequent blogs. The fact is […]

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“Happy Meals”: The Unhappy Truth

Most fast-food places trick children into eating unhealthy foods by enticing them with attractive packaging. They even include popular toys in the package to make these unwhole offerings irresistible. Parents and grandparents often treat the children to a “happy meal” unaware of how they are hurting the health of their loved ones in the long […]

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