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Lessons from Global Brief on Hypertension by World Health Organization

The global brief on hypertension issued by The World Health Organization to mark its birth anniversary on April 7th serves as stark reminder of the massive global health care crisis caused by salt-induced high blood pressure. More than one billion people worldwide have high blood pressure! Yes that is one billion. And, nearly a 10 […]

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Hold the Cheese, Please

The next time you order your favorite sandwich for lunch, you should consider saying, “No cheese please.” Let me explain: We have previously reported in our book Salt Kills that cheese makes the list of the top 10 most unwanted salty items. Recently researchers at Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) in England formally […]

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An Invitation to Dr. Oz Followers

Since I began my journey to persuade people to avoid salt in their food, people have often pushed back because of Dr. Oz’s position on salt. “Dr. Oz doesn’t think salt is such a bad thing,” they have told me. “ Dr. Oz uses salt, especially sea salt, in his recipes.” So a recent article […]

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