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People Are Starting to Get the Message about the Dangers of Eating Salt

by | Oct 22, 2012

A lot of people simply don’t want to hear the bad news about salt. They’d rather jeopardize their health and wellbeing than to put down the salt shaker. Still, my message about how destructive salt is seems to spreading and getting through to people from coast to coast.

I know how easily people can cut salt from their diets. Now I’m hearing about the almost immediate health results they’re seeing as a result. I received the following email last Friday:

Your recent presentation at Essex liberated me from the salt shaker completely. Three weeks later, and after completely cutting out all salt while cooking meals at home, I went to my family doctor for my 6-months blood pressure checkup. It was down to 124 — the lowest reading I've had in four years. My family is enjoying the taste of food without salt. We don't even miss it.

I've received a recent flyer from a health food store promoting Celtic salt as being helpful with high blood pressure.  I found the strong flavor of sea salt is so overbearing that I quit using it over a year ago.

As I shared your knowledge about salt with a friend, she scoffed at the idea and said that ten years from now research will come out that salt wasn't bad for us after all. Her health has been in jeopardy the past couple of years with her carotid artery, but she says she will continue to enjoy her salt. I don't want to risk my health and my life. Goodbye salt. Hello better health!

This just made my day. I know that everything I’m doing to expose the dangers of eating salt is worthwhile. But nothing compares to hearing something like this firsthand. Has your health improved since you started avoiding salt? Please let me know how.

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  1. Tina Shearer

    I was happy to hear that you wrote a book about the dangers of salt, Dr. Nerevetla.  I can remember all of the times that I have heard you talk to Heart patients after surgery about their diets.
    I read your book, and have removed salt from my kitchen. My husband has lower blood pressure now. I have been looking for sodium free foods and I agree that it is often hard to find them. A suggestion is to start baking your own salt free bread.
    Thank you for your book and  your dedication to others' health and wellbeing.
    Tina Shearer


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