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It’s On the Radio: Salt Destroys Our Health

Community Radio for Northern Colorado, part of NPR, recently weighed in about the havoc that eating salt wreaks on our health. I’ve taken the liberty to reprint the report in its entirety because I think its message, which echoes mine, is so important. If you have loved ones who still aren’t convinced about how harmful […]

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People Are Starting to Get the Message about the Dangers of Eating Salt

A lot of people simply don’t want to hear the bad news about salt. They’d rather jeopardize their health and wellbeing than to put down the salt shaker. Still, my message about how destructive salt is seems to spreading and getting through to people from coast to coast. I know how easily people can cut […]

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Salt and Children: A Dangerous Combination

Many adults don’t want to accept that salt compromises their health in ways they never imagined. That’s really too bad. As a cardiac surgeon, I operate daily on patients who could have prevented their health conditions by lessening—or eliminating—their salt intake. Now that I have published my book Salt Kills, more people are taking heed. […]

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Costco, Salt and Profits

Last week my team and I sent out a media release attacking Costco for deliberately promoting salt and salt-laden products to its customers. That act alone would have been bad enough. But Costco chose to publish an article in its “Costco Connection” magazine which states that salt is good for you and that eating too […]

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High Blood Pressure NY Times Op-Ed Column

A recent New York Times op-ed contributor writes that high blood pressure has not been proven to cause any health problems. It seems he wants to tell his readers that they can put as much salt as they want in their food.   Come on. How irresponsible is that?   This reminds me of one of my […]

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