No Evidence that Salt Kills? That’s the Minority Opinion

- Sep• 04•12

Over the years I’ve told my patients, friends, family and colleagues same things many others have been telling. Whether I’ve advised people not to smoke or to cut back on salt, nobody has made much attention to the advice. Since I have made it my mission to explain complex medical information in as simple way as possible, people are finally paying attention.

While some medical professionals are under the impression that there is no conclusive evidence that salt raises blood pressure, they are in a decided small minority. One of my missions is to reach out to those medical colleagues with such impressions, as well as to those who are totally unaware of the dangers of salt.

As anyone in the the medical field knows, just about every treatment has a controversial side. Medical professionals are required to follow the guidelines of the consensus panels that have the responsibility of sifting through all the evidence. These consensus guidelines are drawn based on the weight of evidence and do not necessarily completely agree with all the evidence. Nor do all the members of the panels complete agree with all the guidelines.

Having considered all the evidence, just about every consensus panel from all corners of the world has recommended the reduction of salt intake. The guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Medical Association, and Centers for Disease Control etc. can be ignored, but they shouldn’t be. I agree with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) editorial “Time to Talk Salt”. The evidence is in. The medical professionals should engage their patient in reducing salt intake.

The voice of the occasional small minority, who don’t agree, has been played out in the lay press to give the impression that there is much controversy in this science. In fact there are reports of near unanimous agreement on these guidelines.

The impression of controversy only maintains status quo, much to the delight of the special interest, causing millions to continue to suffer.

Don’t fall in this trap. Salt consumption is deadly many ways. High blood pressure from salt intake is only one of a multitude of devastating problems affecting millions of people. I am trying to explain all this simplest way possible and it is working.


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