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Salt and High Blood Pressure: The Early Years

Attention mothers and grandmothers. Do you know that what you feed your babies the very first time will determine their future health? You want them to grow healthy and strong, but they may well become obese and disease prone if you feed them salty food. By  unnecessarily adding salt to their very first meals, you […]

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Salt, Hypertension and Stroke

“It is the blood pressure, stupid,” wrote Professor Stephen MacMahon, founder and Principal Director of The George Institute for Global Health and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Sidney. In a published statement he was pleading on behalf of over 50 million people worldwide who suffer from disease of the blood vessels of […]

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Celtic Salt

Celtic salt is sea salt. Sea salt is no different than table salt if you compare the sodium chloride content. And you know that salt kills! That basically sums it up. I have addressed this issue in two separate blogs referenced below. Celtic salt claims to be salt from a particular region in the Mediterranean […]

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No Evidence that Salt Kills? That’s the Minority Opinion

Over the years I’ve told my patients, friends, family and colleagues same things many others have been telling. Whether I’ve advised people not to smoke or to cut back on salt, nobody has made much attention to the advice. Since I have made it my mission to explain complex medical information in as simple way […]

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