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Salt and Stomach Cancer

There are so many reasons to cut salt in your food. The World Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) in its just released report says that cutting salt consumption could significantly cut the risk of stomach cancer. Cutting your salt intake to 6 gm per day instead of the present average of 15 to 20 gm, according […]

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Confused About Salt?

For over four decades, Dr. Michael F. Jacobson has worked passionately to persuade us to follow healthy diet habits. In 1971, he founded the Center for Science for Public Interest (CSPI), a nonprofit health advocacy organization.  Dr. Jacobson, who has written several books and scores of articles, as well as appearing on television programs to […]

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Salt Kills Book Trailer

When it comes to negatively impacting your health, adding salt to your food is by far the worst thing you can do. It’s even worse than smoking! You may know that excess salt in our food is responsible for thousands of premature deaths, but did you know how many different ways excess salt causes long-term disabilities? Luckily, by […]

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The Importance of Salt in Processed Food? Taste and Profit

Ten years ago, Graham MacGregor and Hugh E. de Wardener argued in a report titled “Commentary: Salt, blood pressure and health” that salt was being used by the food industry not because it was needed to preserve food, but because it was needed to make the taste of processed food tolerable.   The authors of […]

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