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High Blood Pressure: Raisins vs. Salty Crackers

Not eating saltines or other salty crackers for only a few days can make a major impact in lowering blood pressure. When you want to snack, eating raisins instead of saltines is very good idea, especially since raisins (along with bananas, carrots and plain low fat yogurt) are high in potassium. Most of us know […]

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Salt, Stamler and the New York Times’ Op-ed

A recent New York Times Op Ed positioned Jeremiah Stamler, MD—one of the most ardent anti-salt advocates—as equivocating on the issue about whether salt is bad for you. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me introduce you to the doctor who is widely regarded as the foremost authority on the role of salt […]

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Salt Is Killing our Kids

Springfield, OH – June 21, 2012 – The declining health of America’s children has a lot to do with a culprit few even suspect: salt. In Salt Kills (Health Now Books, 2012), Dr. Surender R. Neravetla, a heart surgeon and the Director of Cardiac Surgery at Springfield Regional Medical Center—explains in easy-to-understand language why salt […]

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Just Ten Consecutive Meals to a Low Salt Diet!

Could eliminating salt from your diet really be that simple? Can you really reach your goal of a low salt diet in just ten consecutive meals? You can. Once you realize how dangerous this salt habit is, the next challenge is how to switch to a low salt diet. That’s made harder by the assumption […]

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