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There Is No Question: Salt Kills

On 6/2/12, the New York Times ran an Op Ed piece “Salt, We Misjudged You” by medical researcher Gary Taubes which was misleading at best. As a practicing cardiac surgeon who has spent the last several years researching studies related to salt, I know without a doubt that salt kills and can leave you severely […]

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Eating Salt Makes as Much Sense as Smoking Cigarettes

People like to eat salt. So at the mere appearance of a controversy about whether adding salt is bad for your health, salt wins. As a result, millions of people continue to pay the price for adding salt to their diet. We’re talking about millions of people continuing to salt their way towards disease and […]

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Sea Salt

Is sea salt better than regular salt? This question has come up a lot from readers and people attending my talks. Most people who asked this question had the impression that sea salt was a healthier alternative from for a number of reasons. They argued that sea salt is more natural and has useful minerals […]

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